2019’s Games.CON Coming in December

Games.CON is one of the biggest gaming and pop culture festival in the Balkans, held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Тhis year’s festival will take place December 6th to 8th.

Our team happened to be around last year so we visited and had a great time.

So what can you expect to find if you happen to wonder in?

Craftsman Corner

Like previous years, visitors can browse craftsmen booths and see their unique products. Artworks and handicrafts, toys, figures, collectables and various knickknacks will be up for grabs and haggling.

We got cool T-shirts last year!

Regional Youtube Stars

Over the three days of Games.CON, visitors will have the opportunity to socialize, paint and sing with some of the most popular Youtube stars at the Balkan Tube Fest booth.

The regional stars of the YouTube scene will stage a concert, with introductions and photo ops afterwards. You can also visit interactive workshops on important and socially responsible topics.


You’ll also be able to hang out and take selfies with cosplayers throughout the three days of the festival. “Cosplayers will take a stroll on the Main Stage during the Opening Ceremony which is scheduled for Friday and during which light sabers will be crossed. Main stage is reserved for cosplayers also for competitions on Saturday and for Sunday at the Valinor’s Costume Show. On the same day a panel will be held with Cosplay guests from abroad.”

Creative workshops like “Making magic wands”, “Cubeecraft”, “Pixel art”, “Coloring and drawing of favourite characters” will be held throughout the the festival within the Valinor booth.


If you follow esports, you’ll have a chance to see or participate in various tournaments from all platforms.

On the PC stage you can follow tournaments in League of Legends, Hearthstone, DOTA 2 and a Fortnite 1v1 tournament.

On the PS4 platform, five tournaments will be organized. Competitors will battle in the arenas of Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter, Tekken 7, FIFA 20 and PES 20.

If you are a certified geek (as we are) you can enjoy the tabletop games tournament. Players will compete in Warhammer Underworlds and Warhammer 40.000.

If you are around and love gaming and pop culture, we say check this year’s Games.CON, we think you might like it.

More information about this festival can be found HERE.

Games.CON 2018

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