About Us


Who We Are:


Gaming Guide is a trailblazing digital-media and entertainment powerhouse with a global audience footprint across all platforms. We provide style and substance to an audience that’s highly engaged across a variety of devices and cultural milieus, from original and profound reviews, to live experiences and social storytelling (#breaking_boundaries). Our audience is comprised of determined dreamers who are smart and cultured, always seeking out the full potential in every aspect of their lives. We’ve changed the way content and storytelling speaks to and represents gamers, always sparking the conversations that matter most and asking the inconvenient questions when everyone else is silent (#transforming_lives).


Who We (REALLY) Are:

We are three friends, Mark, Mike and Bobby, who just enjoy gaming. We are in our 30s and games are still an important part of our lives. We really needed some excuse for meeting, discussing games and gaming together – something our wives can accept and support. Creating a gaming website (and presenting it as a profitable venture) was the best we could come up with. Of course, for the ruse to work, we might eventually have to use some (hopefully) unobtrusive ads – apologies for that.

We won’t replace IGN or Gamespot anytime soon, nor is that something we’d ever want to do. We buy all our games and don’t depend on game publishers. We’ll give our honest opinions in all reviews (software and hardware) which will, hopefully, be of help to you, our readers. However, that’s all our reviews are, our personal, subjective opinions. We find that often we cannot agree even among ourselves, let alone with the rest of the gaming community.

We invite you to help us celebrate games, comics, video cards, SSDs, Princess Lea, RPGs, Sci-Fi, modding, paladins and mages, breadcrumbs all over your keyboard, living in your parent’s basement, waiting for your wife to fall asleep so you can continue that game, CTRL+Esc-ing when your boss enters your office, cursing miners and most importantly GAMING in all shapes and forms!


The Staff

Robert Nakagawa – Editor-in-Chief

Robert was born in Akihabara, Tokyo, which of course meant he can never escape his geekiness. He spends his time installing mods for Skyrim, getting zeroed on GoT: Conquest and running the Editorial staff at Gaming Guide. He loves RPGs and strategy games. You can follow him on Twitter.


Mark Veljkovic – Art Director and Writer

Mark was born in Serbia. He has been interested in computers since he can remember. After playing Sid Meier’s Civ for the first time he fell in love with gaming and to this day he is a passionate gamer. He enjoys strategies and FPSs, but he is also into RPGs. He is the Art Director of the site and a part of the Editorial team. Check his twittes.


Mike Sheppard – Senior Writer and Reporter

Mike was born, too. When he is not traveling, you can usually find him on his laptop replaying Splinter Cell and Hitman missions for the hundredth time. He wouldn’t touch a strategy with a 10 foot pole, but mobile games are alright, especially while traveling. As a Senior Writer he is part of the Editorial team at Gaming Guide and is also the main reporter. You can follow his writing on Twitter.