Mark Veljkovic

Mark was born in Serbia. He has been interested in computers since he can remember. After playing Sid Meier’s Civ for the first time he fell in love with gaming and to this day he is a passionate gamer. He enjoys real-time strategies and FPSs, but he is also into RPGs. He is the Art Director of the site and a part of the Editorial team.

Suzerain Review

Have you ever wondered what was it like to be a president of a third-world country at a time when the Cold War was at its peak? Judging by our blog’s analytics page, most of you reading this weren’t anywhere near being born during the time these events took place. …

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Empire of Sin Review

Empire of Sin featured

Sometimes Paradox Interactive seems like the busiest publishing house in the world. After a fruitful 2020, we have their latest game, Empire of Sin, developed by Romero Games. The game puts you in the shoes of a gangster in America at the beginning of the 20th century and asks you …

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Broken Lines Review – Into the Heart of Darkness

Broken Lines Review

Broken Lines is a story-driven, tactical RPG-like experience of some 7-to-8 hours about a small squad stranded behind enemy lines on a Roger Corman movie set about World War 2. As any B-movie horror worth its salt, there is no historical accuracy here, beyond gear and equipment names, but plenty …

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2019’s Games.CON Coming in December

Games.CON is one of the biggest gaming and pop culture festival in the Balkans, held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Тhis year’s festival will take place December 6th to 8th. Our team happened to be around last year so we visited and had a great time. So what can …

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Element: Space Review

Element: Space is a turn-based tactical RPG that combines a sci-fi story of political turmoil and squad tactical combat. As a fan of the XCOM games, Element Space attracted me precisely because of this tactical element. In the distant future… Element: Space is the first game development project of Sixth …

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Civilization 6: Gathering Storm Review

I write this article happy because it was this series that brought me into the world of games and real-time strategies, and more than 20 years down the line, the draw is still strong. However, I have played every Civ game since Civ II and I wasn’t the biggest fan …

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Stellaris: MegaCorp Review

Paradox Interactive continues with the old practice of releasing DLCs for existing games. Sure, a lot of them improve the base games and some even add enough new things to be worth the money. Speaking of money, it has also been a great cash cow for Paradox, which is why …

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Mark’s 5 Most Expected PC Games in 2019

As 2019 rolls, gamers around the world are eagerly anticipating games only seen in trailers and imagination. A new year brings renewed expectations. This could be it, this could be the year! The year when a game so awesome would come out, it would blow my mind and suck me …

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