Mike Sheppard

When Mike is not traveling, you can usually find him on his laptop replaying Splinter Cell and Hitman missions for the hundredth time. He wouldn’t touch a strategy with a 10 foot pole, but mobile games are alright, especially while traveling. As a Senior Writer he is part of the Editorial team at Gaming Guide and is also the main reporter.

WoW Classic Unboxing: Dive Into a World That’ll Consume Your Soul, Time and Money

WoW Classic box images

World of Warcraft is as famous as any game out there and probably older than quite a bit of its player base, too. WoW became “the thing” back in the early 2000s and today it’s part of pop culture around the globe with millions of fans across all continents. I …

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Tennis Clash Review: The Thin Line Between Joy & Frustration and Success & Greed

Tennis Clash Review

Long story short, I found Tennis Clash exiting and very promising the first hour, only to grow annoyed and frustrated by it in the end. Still, Tennis Clash gave me something that no other game in recent memory had. More about that in the long story below. Sports I like sports. …

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Drive and Park Review (Android & iOS)

Remember the scene from Jackie Chan’s Who Am I, when the girl parks like a pro, and you were like – woooooooa?! That’s exactly what you try to do in Drive and Park. In the world of exploding and crashing cars in movies and games, I’ve always cringed when the …

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Color Bump 3D Review

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were a sperm? Imagine you are in a tube – your consciousness contained in a small white round shape – going left and right, avoiding lots of stuff in your way, and just when you get to the …

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A Love Letter to Female Characters in Video Games

Since I was a kid, there’s been one female character in gaming that has particularly annoyed me – my mom. “Mick, homework can’t wait!” “For the love of God, woman, just let me finish this level, I am near the end!!!” My mother aside, it’s hard to imagine the world …

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Splinter Cell 2019 Wishlist

Most fans will agree that after Splinter Cell Conviction, the Sam Fisher we had loved started to change. A change many of the fans from the first games did not appreciate. With the new Splinter Cell landing sometime in 2019, we decided to write a wishlist of what we’d like …

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