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Tennis Clash Review: The Thin Line Between Joy & Frustration and Success & Greed

Tennis Clash Review

Long story short, I found Tennis Clash exiting and very promising the first hour, only to grow annoyed and frustrated by it in the end. Still, Tennis Clash gave me something that no other game in recent memory had. More about that in the long story below. Sports I like sports. …

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Girls X Battle 2 Review – Is It Better Than the Original?

Girls X Battle 2 is the sequel to the 2016 controversial original that is still being played by millions worldwide. Is it something you would like? Let’s find out! Some ‘(Un)Mature’ Content I have to start this review with a small digression. I played the original game for some 6 …

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Game of Sultans Review

I heard about Game of Sultans probably the same way you did too – phone ads. For a time, this game was so heavily advertised that I had its ads pop-up 4 or 5 times per day for about a week or two. Honestly, I installed it just to stop …

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Game of Thrones Conquest Review – How Far Will $200 Take You (and Some Tips)

Oh boy, this will be difficult… How do you describe Game of Thrones Conquest to someone who hasn’t played it before – a cash grabbing clone with uninspired content? Maybe, but that’s not the whole story. Game of Thrones Conquest is a mobile strategy game, where you level up your …

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Drive and Park Review (Android & iOS)

Remember the scene from Jackie Chan’s Who Am I, when the girl parks like a pro, and you were like – woooooooa?! That’s exactly what you try to do in Drive and Park. In the world of exploding and crashing cars in movies and games, I’ve always cringed when the …

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Color Bump 3D Review

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were a sperm? Imagine you are in a tube – your consciousness contained in a small white round shape – going left and right, avoiding lots of stuff in your way, and just when you get to the …

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