Free Crypto With hi Dollars – Daily Airdrops!

There might not be free money in traditional finance, however, DeFi (decentralized finance) is another matter. I am currently making $8.15 per day by literally clicking a button once per day. Twenty days of daily airdrops and my balance stands at $146.95. Today I’ll show you how to do the …

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CryptoBlades – My Rewards From the First Raid (Not What I Expected)

Cryptoblades Featured

CryptoBlades, until recently the most popular game on the Binance Smart Chain, finally launched PVE raids today in a bid to revive interest in the game. Cryptoblades launched earlier this summer and quickly amassed a large player base, thanks to the game’s generous rewards. Unfortunately, those rewards broke the game …

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StarCraft II: The First 2020 GSL Super Tournament Ends and It Was Amazing! (Watch it HERE)

With Covid-19 wreaking havoc around the globe, rare is the sport that is not affected. In e-gaming, competitive events are also delayed or canceled, yet it is obviously not as affected as traditional (non-e) sports. The StarCraft II season in Korea started a bit later than usual because of the …

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2019’s Games.CON Coming in December

Games.CON is one of the biggest gaming and pop culture festival in the Balkans, held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Тhis year’s festival will take place December 6th to 8th. Our team happened to be around last year so we visited and had a great time. So what can …

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Sony Compares PS5 vs PS4 Pro Loading Times

One of the marketing beats of the upcoming PS5 is expected to be “no loading times” and we got an early preview of the same in a Sony meeting in Japan. While I wasn’t at the meeting, Takashi Mochizuki was there and twitted us some footage from the meeting. On …

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