Drive and Park Review (Android & iOS)

Remember the scene from Jackie Chan’s Who Am I, when the girl parks like a pro, and you were like – woooooooa?!

That’s exactly what you try to do in Drive and Park. In the world of exploding and crashing cars in movies and games, I’ve always cringed when the hero’s cool car is damaged or dented during a chase. It takes a master to actually save those mean machines.

It’s All About that Drift

Right on! So today we’re talking about Drive and Park, a game that asks you to do what the girl from Mitsubishi Lancer Evo in the clip did.

Perhaps that was the intention of the people at Say Games and Estoty, a Latvian studio from Riga. Even if it wasn’t, they still made a decent and surprisingly addicting game.

Your goal is simple and so is the mechanics – to parallel park your car between two other cars or obstacles the best way you can and to hit the money mark of the level you are in.

This wouldn’t have made a good game if your car was not speeding along and you had not had to park it by drifting to the designated space. So it is and you have to.

You don’t hold the screen to move forward, there is no controls for left or right, it’s all about timing your touch. The better the parking, the more money you earn – simple as that.

More money means more upgrades and new and better cars you go along through several cities – New York, Berlin, Cairo, London, Tokyo and Havana.

No Story, but Cool Cars

Textures are also nice for a mobile game, however you don’t have much time to pay attention to them, as your focus is elsewhere.

Your eyes are constantly searching for that free parking spot, which can sometime be between a piano just parked there on the street and a double-decker bus.

At the same time, your brain is calculating to time your touch perfectly so you can settle just between them.

For each perfect parking you get a bonus from the various types of bonuses available.

You have common, rare, epic and legendary cars and each of them has some special ability. Different cities have different signature cars so you’ll easily recognize the famous Beetle, a Volkswagen hippie van or Mercedes Gullwing in Berlin, a yellow cab in New York or a Mini Cooper in London.

Mad Max lovers would sure like Bad Jax, and you also have a Hot Rod at your disposal, too. At the end of every level the earn capacity for some of your cars increases, but also the amount you must earn in order to progress further.

Speed and size of cars also differ (1-3), and you pick four cars to drive through every level. The system changes them randomly – when you park one, the next one pops up.

This can really challenge your brain and reflexes if you park a big and slow truck and you get a small and speedy Cooper next.

A badly timed touch can make you crash into another car or dumpster, or even flip on your roof if you hit the pavement too hard.

In all honesty, just like Color Bump 3D, this is a fun little game that doesn’t pretend to be something more. You’ll get a kick or two out of it for the 10-15 minutes you’ll play it during your commute. And for those 5-10 minutes, you’ll be fully focused on it, clearing your mind from your daily problems. Drive and Park gets a 7 from me.

+ Pros

It can take your mind from other things for about 15 minutes

You’ll enjoy those 15 minutes

Cool cars and set design

– Cons

Repetitive after 15 minutes

There isn’t a lot to do, besides one click parking


Overall, it’s just a cool little game. Plus, if you play often you may even improve your parking skills, like the guy in the video bellow. Enjoy!

Gaming Guide Score

Concept - 7
Gameplay - 8
Graphics & Sound - 6


We Like It

Fun little game. You’ll get a kick or two out of it for the 10-15 minutes you’ll play it during your commute.

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