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There might not be free money in traditional finance, however, DeFi (decentralized finance) is another matter. I am currently making $8.15 per day by literally clicking a button once per day. Twenty days of daily airdrops and my balance stands at $146.95. Today I’ll show you how to do the same.

Blockchain Banking

Blockchain technology is reinventing traditional finance. I firmly believe that developers and generally the IT sector will replace much of the roles of traditional finance. This is already happening with projects like Hi.

Credit Unions vs Banks
Credit Unions vs Banks

Believe it or not, hi Foundation Limited, a non-profit limited by guarantee organization incorporated in Singapore, is bringing non-profit banking to the masses. Think of it as credit unions backed by blockchain technology.

Hi Foundation might aim big, but their whitepaper backs them up. Their project looks very solid and they are one of the fastest growing networks in crypto right now. Their token, hi Dollar, is available to the public and is slowly gaining momentum. Their app is also released and works well. The wallet supports not only hi Dollars but also a dozen of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Staking of hi Dollars is live, too. In a nutshell, the project already looks mature and ready to push into mainstream crypto space.

Daily Airdrops

The incredible speed of the network growth owes much to the way the network is expanding. Just by opening an account with hi (you only need a phone number and an email address) you are eligible for their daily airdrop of 1 hi Dollar. You can collect it by simply clicking a button on the app. The current value of a hi Dollar is $1.45 (USD).

That might not be a lot by itself, however, there is a second channel of income. You also get 50 percent of all the income of all your referrals, every day!

Let’s say you refer one person. You can now claim 1.5 hi Dollars every day. Refer just two people and you’ll be getting 2 hi Dollars every day, as long as they themselves also claim the airdrops. At the current hi Dollars price, that’s almost $3 per day.

Furthermore, you also get 50 percent from any referrals your referrals make and so on. You’ll be making something from all of the people downstream that are connected to you in the network.

Take my example. I directly referred only 7 people so far – my wife, my coworkers and some of my close friends. Some of them also referred some of their family and friends and I get benefits from them, too.

My hi referrals

Overall, I have 20 people downstream that bring me around 5.6 hi Dollars per day, or $8.15 in USD. This is actually on par with what our 3 Mini Doge miners currently mine per day. Yet, we had to pay more than $2,100 for the miners.

As the value of hi Dollar rises and my referrals invite more people, I expect the earnings to go up. Pretty good for a few hours of talking to my friends and explaining about this project. The best part is that I didn’t have to sell them anything: there is no entry fee, there are no costs involved and after doing some research I am a firm believer in the project.

Rewards are Locked

Now, let’s rain a bit on the parade. Yeah, you won’t get rich over night with hi. Unfortunately, the rewards you claim are locked for one year, or 365 days. That means that while they are yours and inside your own wallet, you won’t be able to move, transfer or convert them for a period of 365 days. After that time passes, they will automatically transfer from your Rewards tab into your Flexible tab and will be free to convert to other cryptocurrencies or cash.

It’s not what you think. While it sucks to have to wait one year, this is a normal practice in crypto. It’s there to protect the token from early selling pressure. Imagine what would happen if we all get the coins right away and can sell them all, without having time to explore and work inside the project. The hi Dollar token would tank very soon. By having to wait one year to transfer referral rewards, they are ensuring the long term sustainability of the project. I would rather have a long term sustainable project than any get rich over night schemes.

An Investment

I rather think of hi as an investment. You invest some of your time today, and start reaping the rewards a year later.

My hi Balance
My hi balance

Waiting one year might also be more profitable. Take 2021, where we saw crypto gains of over 100x year over year on more than a dozen tokens. What if hi dollar only does 10x in one year? It means my current $8.15 are actually $81.5 per day. It would mean my current $146.95 is actually $1469.5 USD. Not bad for 20 days of clicking a button.

But is ti likely for hi Dollar to 10x in a year? Having used the platform to send and receive tokens, I honestly think so. Hi is fast, secure and there are no fees involved for transfers. Like anything is crypto, you have to understand the underlying risk involved, but for something that doesn’t ask money from you and provides the services it does, hi is a no-brainer in my opinion. Still, please do your own research if you are planning to invest significant amounts in the token.

Getting Started With hi

In order to open an account with with hi, you need a smartphone and an email address. I also highly recommend doing the KYC at the start, as you won’t be able to claim the tokens after 365 days without a KYC.

You can start by installing the app. Here are the links for Google Play and the App Store.

The app will ask you for your phone number and send a code by SMS to confirm your number. After that, you’ll only need an email address and a referral code. You’ll have to insert a referral code to continue with the process. There is no way to open an account without a referral. Here are some codes for you:

morikawa – my personal referral code;

vaspezijan – our Art director and writer Mark Veljkovic’s referral code;

gaminguide – our own blog’s referral code;

cace – CACE is a local NGO that works with environmental projects.

After you enter the referral code, you’ll be asked to enter a user name. This user name will also be your own referral code. At this point, I had a few instances where the app doesn’t want to continue with the process. You click the button, but nothing happens. If this happens to you too, just start over the process from the beginning and accept the random user name given to you by the app. No worries, you can change it later in the app. 

You’ll be then directed to the homepage of the app, where you can click the small gift icon in the upper right corner of the page to claim your first hi Dollar reward!

Claim Rewards

Just by opening accounts for your spouse and parents, you’ll be already getting 2-3 coins per day. Include a friend or two, a coworker, and you’ll soon be on your way to $10 worth of coins per day, every day. You only need to sign-in once per day and claim your rewards.

If you’ve ever wanted to enter the world of crypto, by owning cryptocurrency or by mining, hi may be the perfect opportunity to do just that. It’s beginner friendly and doesn’t require any investment. See you at the Moon!!!

P.S. If you found this article useful, please use any of the referral codes above.

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