Goldshell Custom Power Supply next to Mini Doge miners
Goldshell Custom Power Supply next to Mini Doge miners

Goldshell Custom Power Supply for 4 BOX Mini Miner Units

If you are purchasing the Goldshell Custom Power Supply on their website, the image below is probably what will greet you:

Goldshell Custom Power Supply Web Shop
Goldshell Custom Power Supply Web Shop

What this image doesn’t tell you is how the unit looks, the size, shape or any specs.

I have the unit in our office and since there are literally no pics on the Internet of the unit, I decided to share it an article, as it can help future buyers make an informed decision.

Pre-purchase, my biggest concern was the size of the unit and if it will fit on our office shelves. Luckily, the unit is quite small and narrow, similar to their BOX mini miners:

Goldshell Custom Power Supply
Goldshell Custom Power Supply (4 BOX units)

And here it is next to some Mini Doge miners from Goldshell:

Goldshell Custom Power Supply next to Mini Doge miners
Goldshell Custom Power Supply next to Mini Doge miners

As you can see from the pics, the unit is styled similarly to their BOX miners. It is slightly narrower, a hair or two higher and about half an inch longer than the BOX mini miners. It can power up to four Goldshell BOX mini miners from the Mini Doge, KD-BOX, CK-BOX and HS-BOX series. Please note that it is NOT compatible with the LB-BOX miner series. Also, it can accept 100V-240V voltage with a span of 47Hz-63Hz, so basically it can be used anywhere in the world without issues. The only thing you might need to do is buy a power cable or a plug adapter to match the standard used in your country, as the unit ships with this cable:

Goldshell custom power supply cable
Goldshell custom power supply cable

We have been using the power supply with 3 BOX miners for a week now and are quite happy with the results.

The unit is quiet, we can never tell if the two fans at the back are working or not. It is slightly warm to the touch, but never hot.

Regarding specs, unfortunately, there is no manual or any documentation in the package. Judging from the power it draws from the wall, I believe it is 80+ Gold standard of efficiency, or better.

At the end, I had to email Goldshell to get the specs. This is what they said:

Input: 100-240 VAC 47-63Hz 15A

MAX Output: 12VDC 100A





The only surprise is the max output, which puts the power rating at 1200W. I would have maybe expected a higher rating for a power supply for 4 units, but seeing how the individual BOX power supply units from Goldshell are rated at 300W, it makes perfect sense: 4x300W = 1200W.

The most power hungry unit among the BOX models is the Mini Doge miner, drawing 230W from the wall. So even with 4 Mini Doge miners, you’ll be pulling 920W (+5%, -5%) from the wall, leaving ample headroom. If you are using other BOX models, you’ll be drawing even less power.

Happy mining!

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    • Thanks for the comment RB. Yes, strange that they don’t show the unit on their product page. Cheers!