StarCraft II: The First 2020 GSL Super Tournament Ends and It Was Amazing! (Watch it HERE)

With Covid-19 wreaking havoc around the globe, rare is the sport that is not affected. In e-gaming, competitive events are also delayed or canceled, yet it is obviously not as affected as traditional (non-e) sports.

The StarCraft II season in Korea started a bit later than usual because of the corona virus, but start it did with the first GSL Super Tournament of the year. And what a tournament it was!

I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable tournament finals in many years following the GSL. When most other sports and e-sports failed, StarCraft II delivers again, even if the new Afreeca TV studio was (understandably) without an audience.

If you aren’t familiar, GSL Super Tournaments are a 64-man tournament with participants determined by the total GSL points obtained throughout the year (or in this case, the previous year). So you get to see the best of the best in direct duels. No second chances, no losers brackets.

Before I spoil anything, I will post links below if you want to watch the whole tournament. You can also watch the semi-finals or just the grand final, too.

If you play or like StarCraft, I highly advise you to at least watch the last video – the semis and the final.

The games are narrated by everyone’s favorite commentators, Artosis and Tasteless, with more than a few LOL moments 🙂

2020 GSL SuperTournament I, Day 1 (Ro. 16)

2020 GSL SuperTournament I, Day 2 (Ro. 16)

2020 GSL SuperTournament I, Day 3 (Ro. 8)

2020 GSL SuperTournament I, Day 4 (Semi-finals and the Final)

If you want to just watch the semi-finals and the final the video above is just that. I would especially recommend watching the Terran (TvT) semi-final and the final.



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